Following Her Torches Project – By Christina Moraiti

Hidden or highlighted in museums and galleries across the world, Hekate is nowhere and everywhere.

My personal goal since I became a devotee of Hekate was to find and catalogue every exhibit there is for the devotees who wish to find her. Google Maps is a universal and accessible and free-to-use platform for my task. My wish is one day to complete my project with every place in the world catalogued.

Since 2015, the project “Following her Torches” is underway in search for Hekate. In case you’re about to visit some place that has a map point and you wish to find Her, you can always contact me and I can help you with details on the exhibit there. I am not alone in this path and wish for other people who have found her to help me for this search and pilgrimage.

If you have come across some exhibit of Hekate (or you think it is her) and the location is not catalogued in the map bellow, please do come in contact with me at, and I’d be more than happy to research your find and give you full credit for it, if you wish.

May You always be blessed and guided by Her

Christina Moraiti

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