Classes & Seminars

The goals and commitments of the Sanctuary of Hekate Trioditis focus on the better understanding of the Goddess Hekate, always regarding the Five Virtues of the Covenant.

For this reason, within the Sanctuary and exclusively for the Members of the Covenant, there are recorded & on-demand classes of exploring the Greek Language and the Epithets of the Goddess.

Furthermore; the Keybearer of the Sanctuary has committed herself to help -and if requested to personally tour- the devotees of the Covenant around the ancient city of Athens, when they visit Greece.

Through History and Scientific knowledge, Hekate can be explored and understood for her great importance in antiquity. Her different roles in the Mysteries, from the shores of the Black Sea to Egypt and from Iberia to Anatolia, Hekate stands tall and remains to be explored.

Sanctuary of Hekate – Little Elefsinion – Athens
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